Becoming a mentor

Thriving Elements is a high quality mentoring program whose mission is to create access and opportunities for students in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).

We're looking for passionate STEM professionals with interest of becoming a long-term mentor for a high school student.

The vision is to develop and empower leaders in STEM to make a sustainable impact in their communities and inspire the next generation. If this resonates with you, we highly encourage you to apply.


year 1


Meet 1 hour

every month


year 2


Meet 1 hour every 

other month


year 3+


Meet 1 hour

every quarter




At the mentor’s 

and mentee’s  discretion

Mentoring has been a very rewarding experience. Seeing her excitement and curiosity about technology has fueled my own desire to learn more. It has been a great way to honor my own mentor and help the next generation of smart, capable women in STEM.

Amie Parcinski


Thriving Elements is great at providing tailored opportunities and resources. In my experience most schools lack the capacity to provide genuine coaching to students about their next 5 years and Thriving Elements fills the gap that is left by our education system.
Phoumano Thongsithavong


becoming a mentor

expectations of mentors


  • STEM undergraduate degree preferred or STEM related experience (2+ years)
  • Mentor experience preferred but not required
  • Fill out application and undergo interview process

what we expect from mentors

  • Passionate about elevating young girls in STEM
  • Guide your mentee through Thriving Elements mentoring curriculum which includes but not limited to:
    • Introduction to Thriving Elements
    • Quality Traits of Leaders
    • Leaders Giving Back to the Community
    • Importance of Goal Setting & Planning Part I
    • Importance of Goal Setting & Planning Part II
    • Importance of Taking Risks, Failures & Perseverance
    • Social Media Awareness
    • Why Women Matter in STEM
  • Maintain regular contact in order to develop the relationship
  • Set up expectations for how and when you’ll contact each other
  • Be open minded, professional, and respectful
  • Be a trusteed advisor to mentees
  • Respond to mentees in a timely manner
  • Maintain mentor relationship from high-school through college

what we don't expect from mentors

  • To know all the answers to the mentees questions. You’ll have a network of mentors to help
  • Offer a job or an internship to your mentees