Mentoring Program

Sustainable & long-term

The 1:1 mentoring relationship is developed during the mentee’s high school years, through college, and into the early parts of their professional career

Mentees meet with their mentors (either virtually or in-person) according to the following schema: 

  • Year 1: 1 hour every month
  • Year 2: 1 hour every other month
  • Year 3+: 1 hour every quarter


Year 1


Meet 1 hour

every month


year 2


Meet 1 hour every 

other month


year 3+


Meet 1 hour

every quarter





At the mentor’s 

and mentee’s discretion


Recruitment timeline

The recruitment process consists of many steps. You can explore the timeline below to see what’s happening and what to expect.

Mentee and Mentor application are open
Deadline for Mentee applications
Application review

If a decision is made to move forward, you will receive an email to schedule your interview

Mentee and Mentor interviews
Decision emails

We send out emails with your application decision as well as the next steps

Speed-networking sessions

Accepted mentees complete speed-networking sessions with a few potential mentors

Mentee/Mentor matches finalized
Mentoring begins

As you're starting your mentoring, there is also an in-person "Kick-off Event" in Seattle, WA

Tailored curriculum

Thriving Elements has a curriculum tailored for each high school grade to help with the mentee-mentor discussion. 

Explore a range of STEM careers

Each Mentee gets matched with one Mentor in their desired field, however, by joining the Mentoring Program, you also join a network of students and professionals from a wide range of STEM areas. 

Feedback from mentees and mentors
help us continuously improve the program

Thriving Elements gives me confidence as a girl pursuing a career in STEM. As you know STEM is a male-dominant field, which is overwhelming and can be anxious. My mentor is someone I look up to as she herself already works in the STEM field. She gives me motivation, advice about career & college, we talk about our hobbies and interests, we always relate to each other and that is very reassuring. 

Mentee since 2017

I really enjoy the longer term (over 3 years) aspect of the program because you get to know your mentee over a longer period of time and can support with a long-range view (not short-term goals). Also, I appreciate building accountability on the students’ side. It is such a wonderful message (and practice) of ownership, action, and respect. Great foundation for future leaders!

Mentor since 2021

Thriving Elements provides me with opportunities to learn more about the STEM field and what I want to go into with my future. This program gave me so many new insights and perspectives when navigating the world around me.

Mentee since 2021

Being  a mentor has been a humbling and enlightening experience. I find myself encouraged and motivated by the mentee’s enthusiasm and zeal.

Mentor since 2021

I love that I am getting the opportunity to talk to professionals and reach for, and expand my goals. I truly think this mentorship program is deeply inspiring.

Mentee since 2022

Thriving Elements has provided me with such tremendous opportunities and it’s especially nice knowing that I have someone to reach out to whenever I’m in need of support. 

Mentee since 2017

Thriving Elements volunteers really take the time to make a difference in young women’s lives, empowering them to dream big, and providing the support they need to realize their goals and aspirations.

Mentor since 2017

It is a great mentorship program that really creates a space to chat with someone about anything. Especially heading towards success!

Mentee since 2018

I love how many events Thriving Elements puts together and how they provide so many resources for both mentees and mentors.

Mentor since 2021

Thriving Elements definitely helped me to become more confident because of my mentor. I definitely enjoy spending time with her and we have good conversations. I was also able to meet new people and my plans for the future have become more clear.

Mentee since 2021

I love that the program is selective about finding young people with ambition.

Mentor since 2018

I love the opportunities Thriving Elements provides. Getting to be paired with someone in the workforce is so beneficial. It feels a little uncomfortable at first, but then you get to see how important it is and how the mentor is tailored to fit your needs. TE is empowering young adults to reach their goals in a world that has been (and still is) predominantly run by men.

Mentee since 2018

Thriving Elements is great at providing tailored opportunities and resources. In my experience, most schools lack the capacity to provide genuine coaching to students about their next 5 years and Thriving Elements fills the gap that is left by our education system.

Mentor since 2019

You have a mentor that is assigned to you but you also have a community that inspires youIf you’re first gen, this is a great program where you can gain so much. It made everything much easier going through high school and preparing for college. 

Mentee since 2018