“I decided to volunteer with Thriving Elements because I believe in the cause. I believe the future is STEM but that students do not have enough support to get through those programs, or even get into those programs and that’s where Thriving Elements came in. Thriving Elements is supplying girls who otherwise might give up on their STEM dreams, mentors that will stay with them and support them through their educational and professional careers. It’s been incredible to see the growth in the girls and the growth in STEM professionals invested in the future.”
– Abby Dowd


As you know, starting up a non-profit is no easy task. Thriving Elements is currently operating under all volunteers who strongly believe in our vision and mission. Thriving Elements knows people volunteer for different reasons. Whether the driver is for personal or professional reasons, we are open to creating a role that touches your passion for why you want to volunteer. For example, we have created IT internships for college students who needed to build their resume. Start a conversation today with our team! Email