Tasha Hong

I am an only child and I come from a background of Vietnamese and Chinese culture. My favorite hobby is shopping, it is also my stress reliever. My favorite subject in school is history because it teaches us historical events from the past and how it influences our daily lives today. At school, I am involved with National Honors Society and Stage Crew. National Honors Society is a nationwide club that recognizes scholarly students with at least a 3.5 GPA while performing the 4 pillars which are scholarship, service, leadership and character. Stage Crew is a club built around technical theatre. We are the helping hands behind every event in the Performing Arts Center such as working the lights, sound, props and much more. Aside from clubs, I also play volleyball and tennis. Pointing more towards the program, I am honored to be the first cohort of Thriving Elements. I look forward to connecting with my mentor and creating a trusting bond throughout my high school and college years. I am also excited to gain network connections through the Thriving Elements program. I hope to accomplish a long lasting partnership with a mentor who will guide and help me accomplish my many goals, expand my knowledge about the STEM field, and explore all possible STEM career paths.