Phuong Cao

I enjoy a lot of subjects in school but my favorites are math, computer science and chemistry. I love drawing, listening to music (especially country music, I like both Vietnamese and American). I like badminton and taekwondo. I am a big fan of anime and movies. Since I came to the United States from Vietnam, I’ve received many things and a lot of support from people and from my community; therefore I give back by volunteering at Swedish Hospital. Through Thriving Elements, I hope that I can make and build a strong relationship with my mentor who has experience in the STEM field. I want to become a software engineer. I want to learn more about what it’s like to look at my major in from the perspective of someone who knows it better than me. I feel lucky and happy to know about the program and my mentor.

– Favorite subject are math, computer science and chemistry
– Enjoys drawing and music, especially country
– Participates in badminton and tawkwondo
– Volunteer at Swedish hospital
– Aspires to be a software engineer