Nancy Jimenez-Garcia

I love math because it is such a universal concept, something that everyone can do, no matter what the part of the world they’re located in! I love to solve equations and formulas. I am very passionate about running. My love for running has led me to join Foster High School’s Cross Country and Track & Field team. I’ve also become very attached to music because I love the different interpretations that people have on lyrics and sounds of the beat. I especially enjoy the meaning behind Ed Sheeran’s and Frank Ocean’s music. Both artists have so much more meaning behind their music than you can imagine. In addition to Chemistry Club, I am part of Hispanic club called M.E.ChA. As a person who’s parents immigrated from Mexico to this country for better opportunities my passion to stand up for my culture and traditions has become stronger through my involvement with this club. Coming from a family who falls directly under the stereotypical Hispanic, socioeconomic status isn’t always the easiest of things to deal with but I believe that Thriving Elements will help me deal with these types of problems by offering many opportunities I look forward to making a great connection with my mentor along with getting to know the girls who stand with me in the program. Being a girl in the STEM field would be amazing for not only myself, but also fro my sister. I want her to look up to me as an inspiration so that she is motivated to do whatever she wants in life. It would be a great source of encouragement, most especially for a girl like me, whose parents did not finish high school.

– Favorite subject is math
– Loves to run
– Member of Hispanic club M.E.chA
– Cross-country and track athlete