Iyari Angeles

I hope Thriving Elements will expose me to various STEM fields through the tools they offer. I aim to be an engineer, although not sure what kind, I want it to include some sort of hands on environmental work. Through a mentor I believe I can obtain accurate information, instead of having to doubt the credibility of some informational engineering websites. I proposed a goal to myself to form bonds that are healthy with everyone in this program. I aspire to be the first successful engineer in my family, hoping to make both of my parents proud, who have worked nonstop to aid me now as well as in the future. Cross country, track, and soccer are all sports that I am passionate about. Although I struggle with being motivated at times, but my coaches (who I Iook up to), always get my spirits back up. Academics are essential to me. I will often find myself asking questions about material things I do not understand. All of this is what I am truly about. It is what makes me thrive on.