Territory Ambasadors

Thriving Elements has alignment with 7 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). We are represented by several front-line ambassadors.

botswana flag
Tshepiso Mokgetse
Botswana Ambassador
Tshepiso is a Master of Science graduate in Computer Applications from Gujarat Technological University, India. She is from Botswana, a beautiful and peaceful country in Africa. Technology has become a big part of her life and works hard each day to learn and implement innovative ideas in this field. She started writing research papers as a hobby but after publishing her first paper on networking at INDIACom2018, she became more serious with it and has now published 4 papers in research journals in universities in India. She started a company with a partner in Botswana called Techno Innovators Pty Ltd in order to develop and bring more technology to her country, most of the software and hardware used is imported from outside and having some things developed in the country will create employment for the citizens and help the country not lag behind from developed countries. There are a few women involved in programming and science and technology fields, the ones that are involved do not play an active role. She tries hard to play and active role in the science and technology field around the world to learn and mentor other girls and help them become more interested and involved. She learnt having lots of money doesn’t make you better than others, it’s just what u place value on and she encourages others to volunteer more helping others because money is a part of life but it is not life.
uganda flag
Pius Nyanzi
Uganda Ambassador

Pius is a civil and structural engineer enthusiastic about unearthing sustainable development solutions of his generation through empathy, innovation, and dynamism. He’s worked as a utility engineer with the National Water and Sewerage Corporation, a leading water utility organization in Africa and has expertise in sustainable Infrastructure development, Building Information Modelling, structural engineering, pipeline technology and environmental engineering. He is a member of the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE), UK and a member of the Uganda Institution of Professional Engineers (UIPE). Pius is a co-founder of Neu Luk Technologies Ltd, a premier firm that is improving building designs and field management in Uganda, East Africa, through AR/CG-VR and IoT. He also freelances as a management strategist for tech startups and is an ardent advocate of SDGs 5,9,10 and 17.

He is finishing his Master of Civil Engineering at Gujarat Technological University alongside a Postgraduate Diploma in Management at the Institute of Management Technology, Ghaziabad (India).

Pius grew up in the suburbs of Kampala, Uganda in East Africa where together with his six siblings were homeless and could not afford basic education. Against all odds, his semi-educated mother took loans she could not afford to push him and his siblings through some of the best schools in the country because she desired a good education for them, hoping for a better life, and believed it would be worth the sacrifice. Unfortunately, her efforts did not last long as she became weighed under choking debts and stress of single-handedly fending for the family. Pius had to rely on favours of generous citizens to raise most parts of his high school tuition.

south africa flag
Ishe Mabugu
South Africa Ambassador

Ishe is a banker at a Private Bank In South Africa.

Ishe’s background is in Economics. WIth a passion for leadership and learning, Ishe joined Thriving Elements in order to further fulfill his own ‘Why’. “Inspire people to reach their own potential, and go beyond that.” He believes that STEM will be fundamental in the shaping of tomorrow, thus creating a more equitable society will result in a better, more productive world.

As part of Thriving Elements, Ishe hopes to be a part in the shaping of leaders of tomorrow. He further hopes to continue learning how to build leaders, and build high performing teams.

Ishe enjoys spending time with his family, reading, fundamentally understanding people, and building things.

nigeria flag
Dr. Fagbohun Raphael
Nigeria Ambassador

Dr. FAGBOHUN, Raphael ‘Seun (FCAI, MCASSON, MICM) is from Ogotun, Ekiti-State. He is an Intern of the School of Psychotherapy & Health Science, Okija, Nigeria. He holds Doctorate Degree in Guidance & Counselling. He is a Member of Association of Counselling Psychologists in Nigeria (ACPIN), Fellow of Institute of Corporate Administration (FCIA), Certified by the Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN), Certified by The British Project Professional Society (UK), Member of Institute of Chartered Mediators and Conciliators (ICMC), Member of Counselling Association of Nigeria (CASSON). He is presently the Principal of OCAC College, Asokoro, Abuja, FCT. He has participated in several conferences and trainings including: the 4th Conference of the World Council For Psychotherapy, Institute of Chartered Mediators and Conciliator (ICMC) Training Course on Spectrum of ADR Options; Communication; Negotiation; Mediation; Conciliation; Rules of Procedure and Professional Ethics, John Maxwell Live to Lead Leadership Conference, Financial Management and Business Strategy for Project Professionals of The British Project Professional Society, United Kingdom, International Conference on Globalization and Socio-economic Development in Africa.

He has received several awards including: Award of Excellence in Corporate Administration, Institute of Corporate Administration, Nigeria, and Award of Service, Yali Network, Nigeria.

As an academia and researcher, some of his Conference Papers and Publications includes: FAGBOHUN, R.S. (2019, March 28-30), Effect of emotional intelligence training on couples’ attitude to marital stress. Paper presented at the 4th Conference of the World Council For Logotherapy, Nigerian Chapter, Okija, Nigeria.

FAGBOHUN, R.S. (2019, March 28-30), Effect of logotherapy on the academic stress of secondary school students in Abuja, FCT. Paper presented at the 4th Conference of the World Council For Logotherapy, Nigerian Chapter, Okija, Nigeria.

FAGBOHUN, R.S. (2018). Effect of logotherapy on academic stress. NDUNODE – Calabar Journal of the Humanities. Faculty of Arts, University of Calabar, Nigeria, 14, 1. 82-91. ISSN: 1117-5621.

FAGBOHUN, R.S. (in press). Effect of emotional intelligence training on FCT police officers’ attitude to corruption. NDUNODE – Calabar Journal of the Humanities, Faculty of Arts, University of Calabar.

FAGBOHUN, R.S. (in press). Effect of Socratic Questioning Technique in tackling the cognitive distortions of Senior Secondary Students in Abuja, FCT. Journal of Professional Counselling and Psychotherapy Research (ACPIN). ISSN: 2672-4766.

FAGBOHUN, R.S. (in press). Pre-K program as panacea to academic performance and achievement gaps between high and low socio-economic status (SES) students in Nigeria.

FAGBOHUN, R.S. (2019). Functional methods of teaching for realization of French language curriculum in Nigerian schools. Unpublished Manuscript. School of Psychotherapy & Health Sciences, Nigeria.

FAGBOHUN, R.S. (2019, July 10-12). Cognitive restructuring: a psychotherapeutic prescription for Nigeria’s distress. Paper presented at the International Conference on Globalization and Socio-economic Development in Africa. Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Nigeria.

International Spoken Languages include English, French.

Hobbies: Reading, writing, teaching, counseling, mediation, conciliation, travelling.

As a Professional Counsellor and Educationist, he is passionate about the S.T.E.M. Project because it is in tandem with his professional calling and training.

nigeria flag
Collins Ezeiruaku
Nigeria Ambassador

Collins E. Nwosu is a Certifiied Coach, trainer, speaker teacher and mentor on the John Maxwell team. A consultant in the model of Human behaviour, Mentor on Founders Institute and a Fellow of the Institute of chartered Economist. He has worked on both public and private sector, sits on the board of a few companies and NGO’s. He loves providing strategy and leadership to all endeavors.

Nothing shows the need for resilience like this pandemic. It is clear that the future would need STEM and women are key to creating a stable future. He wants to be a part of building that future.

tanzania flag
Arbogast Nyandwi
Tanzania Ambassador

Arbogast is a University Lecturer and academic researcher in the Department of Electrical Engineering at the Saint Augustine University of Tanzania and has academic works in AI, renewable energy and power systems published in reputable journals. He recently won a Best Paper Presentation at the International Conference IEEE 2020. He started a company called AjaTech Electrical Technologies Ltd, that develops and improves Electrical designs through AI technologies.

He is a first-generation university graduate in his family, grew up as the only student who pursued science and engineering in his village and finished at the top of his class.

He understands the impact of mentorship on the unsupported young learners to pursue fields of their dreams having himself struggled for guidance in terms of what field of Engineering to pursue at the university. He is desirous to support underrepresented girls that are curious and proactive to explore their potential in STEM by offering early mentorship and guidance through Thriving Elements.

He is affiliated to several engineering associations including the International Association of Engineers (IAENG), Hong Kong, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers(IEEE), and the Tanzania Engineering Registration Board (ERB).

He is finishing his masters of Electrical Engineering at Gujarat Technological university majoring in Electrical Power systems with the use of AI technologies in India.

india flag
India Ambassador

Coming soon…

south africa flag
Reagan Kawauma
South Africa Ambassador

Reagan is a graduate food scientist currently pursuing his Masters in Food Science at the University of Pretoria, South Africa. Prior to this, he worked in Uganda’s largest fruit processing industry as a quality assurance & standards coordinator.

He joined Thriving Elements to share his skills, passion for science and time with the next generation of leaders in the STEM field.

As a part of Thriving Elements, Reagan hopes to build his network and learn from the culturally diverse team of mentors & mentees.

india flag
Harshit Upadhyay
India Ambassador

Harshit is a young entrepreneur, a blogger, an athlete, and a computer science student at Marwadi University, India.

He has been interested in coding and computers since 15yrs and co-founded a tech startup called “AVANC Inc.” during his high school to provide SMEs with access to premium and cutting edge technology with affordable import channels from the U.S, China, and Japan.

He is passionate about programming, has experience in DevOps & ML, and has been freelancing as a Web and App developer for 4 years.

His recent work has been developing a suicide control App for youths in India and has been actively researching on Mental Health and psychosocial wellness among young people.

His findings led him to develop an App based on AI to combat suicides and support a mentoring model that has been implemented at his university and has proven to be a success in reducing suicides there.

During his research he realized his interest in mentoring and motivating people which has pushed him to be a part of thriving elements. He hopes to bring thriving elements in India.

uganda flag
Hilda Kevin
Uganda Ambassador

Hilda Kevin.N. is a researcher who has worked with national and international research agencies. Hilda is exposed to a wide variety of Knowledge in research, gender and development, good governance, public policy, Research and Human Rights. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Ethics and Human Rights – Makerere University, Course in Media and Communication University of Aghan (Nairobi – Kenya), Evidence Based Communication Training (Nairobi – Kenya): Framing for Impact – Busara Center for Behavioural Economics.

In Uganda, girls are particularly under-presented in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education. This gender gap reduces the number of women who pursue STEM careers. Recently , less than a third of science researchers in Uganda are women. Through Thriving Elements. I am certain that this program will help to address the gender disparities and barriers girls in STEM, hence increased and improved completion rates especially in science.